Substrate Seminar

Biweekly conversations on the cutting-edge of blockchain

An Open Collaborative Learning Call

Substrate Seminar is a biweekly collaborative learning space, where we hear from developers and projects building on Substrate. Run by DevHub, we meet every other Tuesday at 14:00UTC.

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Learn and Share

We begin by hearing from a member of the ecosystem and getting insights into what they're working on.

The second half of each seminar is open for Q & A like office hours, so bring your questions. Got code that doesn’t compile? Bring that along, too! Participants will be invited on-screen to share their work and their questions. You may also join us between seminars on Element.

The seminar is generally developer-oriented, but less technical participants and questions are also welcome. If your questions turn out to be off-topic, we'll point in the direction of the resources you need.

Upcoming Seminars

16 Nov

Alain a.k.a Brenzi, co-founder at Integritee will dive into ways to leverage off-chain capabilities as second-layer solutions for Substrate based chains. Topics will include off-chain workers and the benefits of sidechain architectures.

30 Nov

Michal Swietek, Co-founder of Aleph will be presenting Aleph, the first asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus protocol that achieves asymptotically optimal performance: constant latency and communication complexity. The goal of this seminar is to give a bird’s eye view of Aleph, its implementation in Rust and our experience in integrating it as a finality gadget in Substrate (replacing GRANDPA with Aleph). The differences between Aleph and GRANDPA will be discussed, including performance benchmarks and some tradeoffs.

14 Dec

Shelven, the Lead Researcher of Phala Network, will demonstrate how to to build a BTC price oracle with a Telegram bot in 50 lines of code in Phala's native Fat Contract (confidential ink! smart contract). In this workshop, you will learn how to leverage Fat Contract’s unique features like asynchronous HTTP request and computation-intensive tasks in ink! language.