Substrate Seminar

Biweekly seminars,
open to everyone.

Substrate Seminar is a biweekly collaborative learning space, where we hear from developers and projects building on Substrate. Run by DevHub, we meet every other Tuesday at 14:00UTC.

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Previous Seminars

Browse our list of past seminars or watch the seminars on Youtube.

Learn and Share

Seminars are livestreamed on Twitch, where attendees are encouraged to ask questions in the chat and interact directly with the presenters. They typically take the format of learning from other developers showcasing what they're working on in the Polkadot ecosystem, including parachain developers, smart contract developers and core Substrate engineers. Each seminar has an associated lesson plan which can be found in the Seminars GitHub repository. Use this repository to suggest new topics or propose topics you'd like to see in future seminars.

Seminars are generally developer-oriented, but less technical participants and questions are also welcome. If your questions turn out to be off-topic, we'll make sure to point you to the resources you need.