The Blockchain Framework
for a Multichain Future

Taking the learnings from Ethereum to Substrate

As Ethereum’s co-founder and first CTO, Gavin Wood developed the Ethereum network and created the smart-contract language, Solidity. While groundbreaking at the time, it soon became apparent that Ethereum’s “all-purpose” nature imposed hard constraints on developers—from high gas fees to a lack of core upgradeability. Blockchain frameworks that try to do everything on a single chain are fundamentally constrained by generalist design choices and force developers to hack clunky workarounds rather than build specialized solutions.

In order to push the boundaries of blockchain technology, Gavin left the Ethereum Foundation and started Parity, which implemented the fastest Ethereum client at the time. In the early days of Parity, the team also built a Bitcoin and ZCash client before moving on to spearhead Polkadot. It’s only from all this deep industry experience that blockchains could be reimagined from the ground up. This led to the creation of Substrate, an open source and future proof framework that powers a multichain, interoperable, and decentralized internet.


Substrate-based chains are designed to seamlessly connect to Polkadot, granting access to its system of parallel transactions, cross-chain transfers, and an expanding support network.

True Interoperability

By utilizing the Polkadot Relay Chain, all Substrate-based chains can interoperate with others in the ecosystem without the need for bridges.

Shared Security

Polkadot’s security is shared without compromise to all chains connected to it, removing the need for and expense of developing your own security network.

Sovereign Governance

While benefiting from the network effects on Polkadot, each chain also maintains independent governance for maximum freedom.

The building blocks for a decentralized and fairer internet.

Substrate makes building a blockchain far easier, faster, cheaper, and safer than ever before. As an open-source framework, developers gain free access to a wide codebase developed and used by industry-leading teams building some of the biggest networks today. Learn more.

More than 150 projects are building on Substrate

From DeFi to NFTs, gaming to decentralized indentity, and more, Substrate’s technology is fueling the next wave of innovation in the blockchain industry. Learn more about how the ecosystem of builders have addressed prominent challenges such as transaction costs, network security, and more.

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The team behind Substrate

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Parity Technologies is the software development company behind some of the world’s most trusted Web3 technology. It was founded in 2015 and succeeded in building some of the fastest and most secure open-source software for the decentralized web, including clients for Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Zcash. Parity has now moved on from these to address the previous limitations of blockchain technology, creating Substrate and developing the ground-breaking Kusama and Polkadot networks.

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