Substrate Builders Program

The Substrate Builders Program directly supports you by connecting you with Parity’s extensive resources, taking your Substrate project to the next level.


Who The Program Is For

The Substrate Builders Program identifies, supports, and mentors current and potential Substrate-related projects. If you're a visionary builder already developing a project in the Substrate ecosystem, we want to talk to you.

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The program is divided into two tracks

Chains Track

Those that are building impactful chains.

(independent chains, parachains, and parathreads)

Infrastructure Track

Those that are building Substrate/Polkadot-related infrastructure.

(Including bridges, UIs, tooling, smart contract support, validator infrastructure, and potentially more)

Builders Program Process

Level 1
Level 2
SBP Commitee
Milestone 1
Milestone 2
Milestone 3
Launch Support

What the program entails

As a builder, you'll receive Parity’s support in a systematic manner, including comprehensive assistance and advice in the following areas:

Technical support:

  • Chat support with other program members and engineers to collaborate and ask questions
  • Regular office hours with the program's team and other ecosystem participants to share knowledge, get feedback and ask questions
  • Launch support with materials, calls and more to ensure your mainnet launch is successful
  • Regular individual check-ins

Community support:

  • Collaboration on events, meetups, and webinars
  • Collaboration on milestone announcements
  • Guidance on community building

Community funding opportunities:

  • Support in helping your project navigate the Polkadot Network Treasury and Web3 Foundation Grants processes

Ecosystem support:

  • Introductions to relevant blockchain ecosystem players (clients, users, partners, etc.)
  • A joint announcements/non-technical chat room with all members of the program
  • Regular office hours to get BD-related feedback and ask questions

Strategy & feedback:

  • Regular individual check-ins with every member team (6 week cycles) to understand your roadmap and get feedback



Is this support offering exclusive to members of the program?

While nearly everything in the program is in principle available to any team building in the Substrate ecosystem, the Substrate Builders Program guides teams through the available support in a structured manner.

How is the Substrate Builders Program different from the Web3 Foundation Grants Program?

The grants program provides non-dilutive financial support to projects, whereas this program is focused on more comprehensive support throughout a project’s lifecycle. W3F grant recipients are also welcome to apply to the Substrate Builders Program!

Is the Substrate Builders Program an acceleration or incubation program?

No, the Substrate Builders Program is complementary to any external accelerator or incubator program developers can enroll in. Much of what this program offers, such as technical support and invitations to invitations to Polkadot branded events, cannot be offered by an external program.


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