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Looking for guidance on your Substrate project? Ready to build on Polkadot or Kusama but not sure where to start?

Square One is your custom-tailored guide to the wealth of resources available to builders. Explore the resources and initiatives below or get in touch for hands-on support.

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Who is Square One For?

Absolutely anyone involved in Substrate can get value out of Square One. For developers, there is educational material and community-powered bootcamps, while project-managers and team leaders can benefit from funding resources and incubator partnerships.

Why Use Square One?

No two projects built using Substrate are the same. From funding to technical mentorship, it’s important to create a bespoke roadmap that fits the priorities of each member of the Substrate community. Square One exists to provide a powerful knowledge and administrative hub to help steer ambitious individuals and teams towards the resources needed to make projects soar.

What does the Substrate Ecosystem Look Like?

Projects that build using Substrate benefit from resources and support from a global ecosystem of Web3 and blockchain entities. Square One connects you directly to these resources, allowing you to get optimal results via recommended guidance.

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