Community Resources

An ever-growing list of educational resources provided by the community.

List Of Resources
  • Introduction to Substrate blockchain development

    Parity Asia, OneBlock+

    This 3-week course covers all the basics and provides an introduction to Polkadot, Substrate and Rust. The course is taught in Chinese.

  • Advanced blockchain application development with Substrate

    Parity Asia, OneBlock+

    This course covers six lessons, ranging from basic Substrate development to advanced topics like off-chain workers and smart contracts. It features interactive content with lectures, videos and homework. The course is taught in Chinese.

  • Substrate Runtime Developer Academy

    Industry Connect, created by Bryan Chen - co-founder of Acala

    The 6-week course brings together industry expertise and an interactive learning experience through multi-modal content, interactive exercises, practical projects, access to mentors and course creators as well as community-driven support and internship opportunities. The course is taught in English.

    Due to the upgrades of the Substrate technology and the workload associated to keep the content up-to-date, Industry Connect and the Academy partners have paused the registration for the academy.