Set up a cloud sandbox

Building with Substrate requires different pieces of technology. We recommend picking a sandbox if you're just getting started and want to try things out. Or if you're hosting Substrate developer developer workshops or following tutorials, using a sandbox environment allows you to skip the preliminary set-up to get to the parts most important to you.

Substrate Playground
Select Playground Configuration
Node Template
A “skeleton blockchain” with essential capabilities, including P2P networking, consensus, finality, account, transaction and sudo governance modules.
Key Runtime Modules
  • pallet_balances
  • pallet_transaction_payment
  • pallet_sudo
  • pallet_template
Front-End Template
A modular UI built with ReactJS to act as a front-end to the Substrate Node Template. It contains all necessary components to interact with the Node Template’s runtime.
Key Components
  • Interactor
  • MetaData
  • Balances
  • BlockNumber